Monday, June 22, 2009

Janie M Selvaggio

A BIG BELLAVIOLETTA THANK YOU TO JANIE SELVAGGIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been fortunate in my life to have met so many wonderful creative souls. Jane Selvaggio is one of those souls.

Jane and i meet on Etsy. She was a repeat customer buying many sets of my doedoes and stars. I was curious. i am always curious about what people do with my embellishments and art. I convoed her and she wrote back. We talked for a while and she sent me a link to her fiber art. WOW! She has so many goodies to see at

My favorites are the under sea postcards. Swimming Amongst Friends is so uplifting. She got the Mermaid from Joy Serwylo an artist from Australia. she added vintage tatting, brads of tiny fish, bits of fibers, scraps of fibers and other fun flourishes.

She just knocked me out with what she did with my doedoe's and stars. Don't forget The Flowers has a doedoe and one star. Its done in shades of gold with vintage ric rac, beads, hand dyed fibers, sequins, tiny flowers-just so much goodness.

This postcard is just in time for the 4th of July. Its called 4th of July! The super cute beads are from Jamie at The Critter Company ( this one has to make you smile.

I asked Jane where she got her postcard blanks and she was kind enough to share her source.
the blanks are hand dyed Peltex. carries postcard and atc blanks in many color choices.

Here is a direct quote from Janes Etsy profile--"I was diagnosed with a rare terminal lung disease about 5 years ago, Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, shortly after moving to Colorado and only recently have started to make wallhangings again, since I have become more housebound. Recently a friend said something to me, which made me see that even though my life has changed about being outdoors so much, I still have something to be thankful for and that is my love of creating. I realized I missed what I had loved doing. I now have a reason to look forward to each and every new day God gives me here on this Earth. "

You can read more about Jane on her Etsy profile of her Etsy shop you may notice she has not listed any of her work for sale here. i have been encouraging her to do so. if anyone else out there wants to join me in encouraging her about the joys of Etsy please jump in and comment here or convo her there. She also has a nice personal write up on

I just can't say enough thank you's to Jane. i am so very blessed to crossed paths with you Jane!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

thank you to LISA D.

My darling friend LISA encouraged me to start this blog. Her blog is a wonderful treat. I have been pushing her to start an etsy shop and she did with her dear friend Cheryl. Their shop is full of healing art. Her art saves lives is one of my fav's in her listings. Art matters is another of Lisa's prints that i love and will have soon.
I am still learning how to blog. i wanted the pictures inbetween the text but i'll figure that out as i go.
Be sure to check out Lisa and Cheryls shop. Lisa is a Reki master and she sends healing energy with all her work.